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PVAG water systems GmbH

Turn key projects, detail engineering, delivery, installation and commissioning for industrial water systems.

PVAG water systems GmbH stands for innovative solutions for industrial water systems. Optimal solutions are developed for the customer with a holistic approach. From water treatment and cooling to process control, PVAG water systems GmbH offers customised systems from a single source. The main focus includes shear spraying for the glass industry, as well as the treatment of cullet water systems and the production of soft and osmosis water. Efficiency, safety and sustainability play a decisive role in the development and implementation of customer-specific projects.

What can PVAG water systems assist you with?

With a team of international experts, PVAG water systems GmbH has the ability to cover all project areas. From design, through 2D and 3D planning, to delivery, installation and commissioning, the project process is carried out by a single provider. PVAG water systems GmbH thus offers solutions for every requirement, individually tailored to the customer's needs.        


Environmental responsibility and energy saving through new technologies

Every year, thousands of tonnes of process wastewater end up in our lakes and rivers. It is not only in heavy industry, or in the chemical industry, that the extent of environmental pollution is enormous. In the glass industry, too, applicable emission values are exceeded because special permits are usually made available for the protection of existing plants. In most cases it is not even known that the existing plants would no longer be granted a permit and only in the case of a conversion of the process water plant are permits that were previously still valid revoked.

PVAG water systems GmbH is your contact for the planning, new construction or conversion of existing plants to comply with current legal requirements. Not only the reduction of harmful substances for the process fluids, but also the minimisation of emissions to the environment can often be achieved through optimal planning and targeted improvement measures, even without incurring high financial expenditure. Our experts are also available to assist with official approval procedures.

Optimising the use of energy is a significant part of improving plants. In order to detect potential savings, PVAG water systems GmbH uses the latest methods to digitise plants in advance and identify opportunities for improved energy use. Simulation tools such as Pipeflow Experts® and Siemens SIMIT® are used to identify weak points in virtual commissioning via a digital twin in order to prevent these in advance.


Individual controls, remote control and connection to the PVAG water systems help desk

The areas of application for the control systems used are as varied as the different customers. For this reason, PVAG water systems GmbH offers automation concepts and solutions that are individually tailored to the customer and the corresponding system, in order to bring the systems up to the current state of the art and also to always meet the customer's requirements.

The planning of the electrical concepts, the conception of the circuit diagrams and the detailed elaboration of the electrical components, as well as the production and programming are carried out by our own specialist staff in the factory hall in Jülich at our company headquarters. A large inventory enables us to act quickly at any time, so that control cabinets can also be manufactured and delivered to the customer quickly in case of urgent need.

Standard components are used in the production of the control cabinets, which enable the customer to obtain spare parts or components for system expansion worldwide. The individually programmable control units allow remote control and connection to the PVAG water systems help desk, if desired. For training purposes, during commissioning and in case of questions, our experienced service staff is of course available.

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