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Maximum process reliability with minimum maintenance

PVAG is your strong partner when it comes to shear spraying systems in the glass industry. The correct lubrication and cooling of the various system components are prerequisites for a smooth working process. Our shear spraying systems rely on the unique Venturi nozzle, which was specially developed for this task and offers maximum efficiency with low maintenance. It is not without reason that our scissor spraying systems are among the most sought-after systems worldwide.

We will be happy to assist you in commissioning the system and help optimise it to keep operating costs for water and oil as low as possible. For maximum efficiency and sustainability, we also offer complete systems including a water treatment plant – all from a single source.

Control cabinet and control system

With its roots in the glass industry, PVAG water systems GmbH was one of the few companies to build its own shear spraying systems several decades ago. Since then, we have pursued this core business with great interest and it has been subject to constant improvements to keep the system at the cutting edge of technology. The number of production lines, which largely determines the size of the system, does not matter.

Since PVAG water systems GmbH moved to the Jülich site, all systems for shear spraying have been manufactured in the company's own factory hall. The high demand for the systems not only means that all individual parts are permanently available from stock, but is also a further confirmation and incentive to continue to focus on this technology.


Standard components with worldwide availability are used in the realisation of the shear spraying systems, so that a high degree of customer flexibility is guaranteed. The components are assembled in our own workshop in Jülich in a compact design and prepared for transport.

Our team of our experienced mechanics and electricians ensures a standardised system design, which makes it easy for operators to familiarise themselves with the system, even for new systems. All components are subject to constant quality controls, which guarantees that all functionalities are available at all times.

Reference installations scissor spraying systems

Compact installation of a shear spraying system for a container glass plant with 4 production lines in Mexico


Model of the Venturi spray nozzle specially developed by PVAG water systems


Detailed view of a mixing unit for a shear spraying system