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Water softening and reverse osmosis plants for industrial processes

Where industrial processes take place, a lot of water is needed. This water must have constant quality values both for use in production facilities and when it is returned to the municipal wastewater system. However, the water quality of different sources varies greatly depending on the location. Moreover, during processing, not only suspended solids or lime residues but also heavy and light metals can get into the water.
This is why water treatment plants are indispensable for industrial processes. They guarantee a high water input quality, regardless of the source, and ensure that no contaminated water flows back into the water cycle.


PVAG water systems GmbH specialises in the construction of water treatment plants such as:

  1. deferrisation plants
  2. demanganisation plants
  3. softening plants
  4. reverse osmosis plants

We plan projects with our customers and build your plant in our own production facility. The usual scope of services includes distribution, control and regulation of the entire plants as well as mechanical and electrical installation. Furthermore, we support you in official approval procedures in order to be able to comply with the legal requirements concerning waste water.


Switch cabinet and control system for water treatment plants

Various control elements are used in water treatment plants. In the case of double or multiple cartridge systems, such as softening or deferrisation, control heads are simply placed on the cartridges, which can be operated by their own control panel. All necessary parameters can be set and changed on these control panels, in case the operational conditions should change.

For treatment concepts such as reverse osmosis systems, where significantly more parameters need to be recorded, controlled and regulated, a small control unit is included as standard. This control unit can be individually adapted to the customer and incorporated into the existing plant concepts. Our in-house control cabinet construction allows a high degree of flexibility in that regard. In addition, adequate inventory management enables fast action even in the case of short-term requests.

Components of water treatment plants

The selection of components for the water treatment plants primarily reflects the respective customer requirements. PVAG water systems GmbH has a high degree of flexibility in responding to specific customer requirements thanks to its own production facilities. We work together with all major pump and membrane manufacturers and are not tied to any particular drive technology or control technology.

Manufacturing with different materials is no problem for us. Whether efficient solutions with PVC and other plastics, or high-quality plant construction with black or stainless steels. Our well-trained specialists always realise your wishes. Thanks to our wide network of suppliers and specialist companies, we can guarantee every delivery on time and make quick adjustments if necessary.

PVAG reference plants of water treatment plants

Reverse osmosis plant for a container glass plant in Mexico


Filter station for a softening plant in Germany


Reverse osmosis plant for a water treatment plant in the USA


Reverse osmosis plant for a container glass plant in Ethiopia