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PVAG water systems GmbH supports your project throughout the entire project process. This begins with the preparation of feasibility studies. Our experts work closely with you in the development of new concepts or improvement options for existing systems, when it comes to determining the actual requirements and combining these with the available resources.

Once the general feasibility has been examined, basic engineering is used to further focus the determination of the fundamentals and to develop a basis for decision-making by means of technical and budget-relevant concept comparisons. In the subsequent detail engineering, all schematics, 2D and 3D drawings, as well as material lists and specifications are prepared.

After specification of the system parts, PVAG water systems GmbH manufactures system parts as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The specialised installation teams, supported and led by experienced site managers, ensure careful installation even in installation spaces that are difficult to access. Not only the installation of plant components, but also the installation of piping systems can be carried out by PVAG water systems GmbH if required, so that no interface problems arise on site.

After installation, our site managers and project engineers provide support during commissioning at the installation site. In addition to the commissioning of the piping network, this also includes the commissioning of pumps, cooling towers and all other system components included in the scope of delivery.

Before the handover to our customers takes place, the functionality of the entire plant is checked and a performance test of all components is carried out, as well as, if required, training of the operating personnel. Following commissioning, the system documentation is handed over, which contains the training documents, flushing logs, pressure tests and the commissioning forms for the components, as well as the control descriptions and the operating instructions.


Just as every industry has its own systems and peculiarities, the requirements for water systems are just as individual. Thanks to its worldwide experience in the supply and installation of water systems, PVAG water systems GmbH has the necessary expertise to set up water treatment and cooling systems on different continents.

In the case of existing water systems that are to be optimised, our project engineers carry out as-is surveys in order to examine the on-site situation in detail and to carry out fault analyses afterwards. This approach is essential for a professional analysis, evaluation and conceptual design of conversions that are individually tailored to each customer. If partial renovations of existing plants are to be carried out during operation, PVAG water systems supports the detailed planning so that shutdowns can be avoided as far as possible. If shutdowns are unavoidable for operational reasons, those involved in the project design solutions tailored to the customer and their area of application so that the overall performance of the operation is guaranteed even during the conversion phase.

In addition to needs-based analyses and installations, we also offer a wide variety of solution concepts for electrical components with our control concepts. The control cabinets, which are designed in Jülich and assembled in our own factory hall, are adapted to the respective customer requirements by our own programmers. As a company with a global presence, it is a matter of course for us to comply with the corresponding country-specific specifications. In order to realise the individual concepts, standard components are then used in the execution, which makes the overall process as time- and cost-efficient as possible.



Within most industries, water treatment systems and process cooling systems have a reputation that is often not associated with environmental awareness or sustainability. Many companies and processes still have grandfather status after many years of continuous operation and therefore do not have to fully comply with current regulations.

If a plant component in an existing plant is renewed, the operator is in many cases not aware of the extensive adaptation measures required. PVAG water systems supports its customers in taking the necessary steps to meet the environmental requirements. The legal requirements form the framework conditions and are worked out by the project team depending on the customer's location. The planning of evaporative cooling systems with regard to VDI 2047 and the 42nd BImschV is carried out by expert personnel and guided in a target-oriented manner in close coordination with the authorities.

The aim of a new plant is always to meet production requirements efficiently. Thanks to the extensive experience of PVAG water systems in various industrial processes, new approaches to solutions can be devised, developed and evaluated, so that not only the process conditions are accommodated, but just as often a reduction of emissions and harmful substances can be achieved.

These principles are of course also followed for new plants. Accompanying the approval processes, preparing risk assessments and expert opinions with regard to the Water Resources Act (WHG) is a matter of course for our trained specialist staff.