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Process water systems according to current environmental requirements

When it comes to the issue of sustainability, industry in particular is called upon to use more environmentally friendly methods. Important aspects in that context are the saving of fresh water and the avoidance of waste water. In almost every branch of industry, there is enormous potential for reducing emissions. Outdated plants often lose out when it comes to the protection of existing plants, because they no longer meet current environmental requirements


With its many years of experience in the field of cullet water treatment in the glass industry, PVAG has implemented a modern and sustainable water treatment process. It is specially tailored to the glass industry, but can easily be adapted to other process wastewater with high particle loads. Through various water treatment steps, we create an internal water cycle that minimises the need for fresh water as well as water loss. This reduces the ecological footprint and the process costs at the same time.

Control cabinet and control system for process water plants

The process water treatment plants used in industry are often very inefficient and have an enormous water consumption. The control system specially developed by PVAG water systems GmbH aims precisely at remedying these causes of production fluctuations and increased operating costs. Through years of experience in the field of process water treatment, a concept has been developed to minimise the use of fresh water, to almost completely avoid waste water flows and at the same time to ensure optimal operational safety.

This knowledge makes us not only the leading supplier of cullet water systems in the glass industry, but also a reliable partner for the implementation of water treatment systems for other branches of industry. The sophisticated control system is implemented in the customer-specific software by our experienced programmers, pre-tested in our own production hall and commissioned on site. In the process, the individual specifics of the customers are taken into account and the operating personnel is familiarised with the intelligent control system so that, after detailed training, the operators also recognise the added value.



Components of process water systems

When selecting components for process water treatment plants, various points such as water quality, contamination load and operating conditions must be familiar to the supplier of such plants. As PVAG water systems GmbH has been present in the industry for more than 20 years and has revised numerous systems, we have a great deal of expertise in this type of water circuit.

In addition to the pump selection, particle separation also plays a major role here, an application for which PVAG water systems GmbH has been manufacturing its own specially developed equipment for several years. When selecting the other components, longevity, efficiency and robustness all matter. We always find the best solution for your system due to our enormous wealth of experience.

Reference plants of PVAG's cullet water systems

Pumping station of a process water treatment plant in Germany


Process water plant for a container glass plant in Ethiopia


Process water treatment stage in Germany


Cullet water system for a container glass plant in the USA