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A wide variety of cooling methods for optimum use

Cooling means performance: almost every industrial process generates heat and requires professional cooling that protects against overheating and ensures the production capability of the plant. That is why cooling water systems are the most widely used water systems in industry.

PVAG is your partner for the planning and installation of modern and sustainable cooling water systems. Our advantage: all engineering is done in-house and the systems are also offered as turnkey solutions. We assemble pump skids, take care of the control cabinet construction and programme the systems. Furthermore, we handle the commissioning as well as possible optimisation on site and also train your employees if required.

Switch cabinet and control system

Cooling systems are required in various branches of industry. They usually have the same purpose, namely that heat generated in the process is dissipated, further utilised to the maximum extent possible and ultimately used up. Regardless of the industry, cooling systems usually have a similar structure. Through intelligent control concepts, however, these systems can be energy-optimised, so that not only the amount of electrical energy used, but also the use of fresh water and adjuvants can be significantly reduced.

The control system, which is specially adapted to each system, enables remote control and connection to the PVAG water system help desk if required. The automation concepts, which are always customised, help to bring your systems up to the state of the art.


Depending on the area of application, we use standard components or special equipment. In requirement analyses, as well as in basic engineering, we always try to use technologies and components that not only enable simple and safe plant operation, but also bring added value with regard to the reduction of emissions and harmful substances. Our expert project engineers with specialist knowledge in the areas of the Water Resources Act, VDI 2047 and the 42nd Federal Immission Control Act (42. BImSchV) help in this.

PVAG water systems GmbH attaches great importance to the most extensive use of all available heat quantities. Thus, all options for heat recovery in cooling systems are examined as standard in order to draw the greatest possible benefit from the amount of heat generated in your process. For pump technologies, heat exchanger technologies and cooling units, we have maintained close working relationships with all the well-known component manufacturers for many years.

Reference plants cooling water systems

Plate heat exchangers for a cooling water system in Germany


Cooling tower of a cooling system for a customer in Germany


Collection tank with connection piping of a cooling system in Germany


Double pump station of a cooling system in Germany